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Newspaper Delivery

We can also arrange delivery of your favourite magazines

We deliver newspapers and magazines in Cranbrook, Heartley and the surrounding area 7 days a week.

Newspapers Subscriptions

Pages Newsagents accept vouchers for delivery of  magazines and newspapers within our delivery catchment area. Vouchers can be redeemed in the shop at the time of purchase, or against your weekly news account as long as the date is valid, the best approach is that you provide us with the vouchers as soon as you have received them.

The New York Times

International newspapers

We are also able to get some international newspapers feel free to call with your requirements and we’ll see what we can do.

International newspapers are normally delivered a day or two later depending on the publication.

Call us today on 01580 713604

Holiday orders

If you are heading away on holiday and wish to pause your delivery please contact us with the dates as soon as you have them.

Call us on 01580 713604

We are able to save or continue to deliver any magazines you may have.

  • Please check the days you'd like to receive a delivery
  • Please check the newspaper you'd like delivered between Monday and Saturday.
  • Please check the newspaper you'd like delivered on a Sunday.
  • Do you require any additional requirements such as magazines delivered?


A few testimonies from some of our customers;

The Page’s Team Thank you for your superb service throughout 2010, regardless of the weather! Very impressive!

Mr PetersFrittenden

As always much appreciating your very efficient service every Sunday.

Mr Cubison, Hawkhurst

Can I just say that the service you and your delivery man give is simply splendid and much appreciated;

Mrs A WheelhouseHawkhurst

Just to thank you for your amazing paper deliveries during the snow. The schools shut, the buses didn`t run, but we got our papers everyday and on time.
Thank you so much

Mrs DunlopHawkhurst

We would just like to thank you and your staff, particularly Tim, for the excellent service we have received over the years. We have been very impressed.

Mr & Mrs Cutchey, Sandhurst